A full hiking day discovering the surrounding of the etruscan town of Cortona, its landscape, a magical franciscan hermitage, chestnut groves, endless panoramical view…and much more!


Cortona is a more than 2 thousand years old town, founded by the Etruscans, a mysterious culture arrived in Italy by the Eastern Mediterraneum, probably Greece: from the historical centre, where the etruscan defensive walls are still standing, we reach the green forests covering the slopes and the top side of S. Egidio mountain.
After having our picnic and taking some pictures of the huge view from the top, through dense chestnut groves, we arrive to Le Celle, a franciscan hermitage founded by S. Francis himself, and we go back in town on surprising dirt roads: we assure you an unforgettable day and a very pleasant experience that will surely remain on your memory about your Italian journey..

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Giulia Vannini

My name is Giulia. I am a hiking and diving guide. My passion for nature and animals has accompanied me since I was a child in all my studies. I graduated in Biology and then specialized in Marine Biology, I studied around Italy in important universities and research laboratories. After the Master in Environmental Legislation I returned to my beloved Siena, where my family and my dear friends were waiting for me.
I am from the Shell neighborhood (Contrada del Nicchio), you will discover in our company that the “Contrada life” in Siena is very important since childhood, and it is one of the things that makes this city unique!
Since I was a child I had a passion for teaching, over the years I worked in schools as an educator and so I developed interesting projects in the field of environmental education. My passion for playing with children will never end and in fact I am also a swimming instructor, specialized for people with psychophysical problems.

Thanks to Siena Tourism I create tours and events combining all my studies and my passions. We thought of many walks to do, alone or with the whole family, and many beautiful activities dedicated to children! I expect you soon to discover our enchanting territory together!

Ludovica Noviello

My name is Ludovica and I was born in Rome, where I attended the German school. After the diploma I studied at the Humboldt University in Berlin at the faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature. For many years I lived around Europe, where I worked and continued to study languages. My passions are art and foreign languages, so I decided to move back to my beautiful country to combine them in my job as a tour guide. I moved to Siena, where I studied to become a licensed Tour Guide in Italian, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
Siena is an enchanting city, a treasure chest that holds many artistic and cultural beauties and my job is to transmit my love for Siena and the many villages in the Province to those who come to visit it.
As a member of Siena Tourism I am also one of the organizers of this great project.
Our aim is to make you know the best of some of the cities and villages in Tuscany, offering you many beautiful moments to remember forever.
I am sure that this part of Italy will find a special place in your heart!