Terms and conditions


  • The tour or the chosen excursion will be conducted by a local tour guide (regularly qualified in accordance with article 3, paragraph 1, of the law August 6, 2013, n. 97) or by a hiking guide (qualified in accordance with article 6 of Annex 1 to 93 d.lgs. 79/2011).
  • The tour will take place in the language requested and selected, for the entire duration of the tour.
  • All our shared tours are always monolingual; private tours can be arranged in multi-language if requested and agreed beforehand.
  • The meeting point for shared tours is specified in the tour description, while for private tours the meeting point will be agreed with Siena Tourism at the time of booking, as specified in each description.
  • Please report to the meeting point 15 minutes before the tour departure.
  • For shared tours the minimum number of participants is 2 adults and the maximum is 15 adults.
  • For private tours the minimum number is 1 adult and maximum 30 adults.
  • If the number of participants is higher than 30 people, please contact Siena Tourism in order to find the best solution to your request. 
  • The tours will also take place in bad weather conditions, trying to ensure the best possible tour or excursion. If the customer is not able to cancel 24 or 48 hours before the starting time of the tour, as requested, Siena Tourism will look for the best solution for the customer and can provide a full or partial refund, depending on weather conditions (if the safety of the group can’t be guaranteed).


  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least 1 adult to join a tour or excursion. 
  • For shared tours, children aged between 7 to 14 have a discounted rate of 50%, the tour is free for children aged between 0 to 6. 
  • Private tours are free for children aged between 0 to 10. 


  • All our tours booked on www.sienainfoandtours.com can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 or 48 hours before the tour starts. You can read the specific cancellation policy on the description of each tour.
  • The only exception is for the tour: “The noble families and visit to a historical palace”.
  • It is not possible to cancel the booking within 24/48h (according to the chosen tour) before the departure of the tour. No refund will be granted. 
  • No refund will be granted to any client who is not at the place of departure at the time established; similarly, no refund will be granted to clients who lose contact with the guide or who do not complete the tour.
  • The tours will also take place in bad weather conditions, trying to ensure the best tour or excursion. If the client is not able to cancel the tour 24 or 48 hours before the tour starts, as requested, Siena Tourism will look for the best solution for the client and can provide a full or partial refund, depending on weather conditions (if the safety of the group may not be guaranteed).


  • Siena Tourism reserves the right to reschedule or at worst cancel a planned tour in case of acts of force majeure (such as strikes, road conditions, weather, closures of churches and museums, etc…).
  • If, due to an unfavourable event, Siena Tourism cannot be able to perform the requested service, Siena Tourism will refund the client only the sum paid, that was necessary to confirm the tour.
  • Siena Tourism also reserves the right to propose alternative solutions in order to carry out the requested service: change the day or starting time, or change the tour itinerary with alternative solutions, maintaining the duration and quality of the service.
  • When, for any reason, Siena Tourism cancels the tour, the customer has the right to request a refund, only of the sum paid.


  • Siena Tourism is not responsible for all civil and/or criminal liability, for any liability related to the participation of the subjects in the requested service, it is also not responsible for any damage caused to persons, structures and objects by the participants of the booked tour. The people who participate in our initiatives declare to know and respect the rules for the whole duration of the tour or excursion and to pay the utmost attention. The participants declare to be in full of their psychophysical abilities, therefore suitable to participate in the tours.
  • Siena Tourism is responsible for the privacy of the customer data, exclusively when these arrive on the database and not during their transmission. 

Authorisation to use photographic images and videos

Tour participants agree to authorize Siena Tourism to use exclusively all the photographic images and videos that will be produced, in order to divulge the aforementioned activity.

If the participants expressly request in writing a non-production of photographic images and videos material, Siena Tourism will not produce any product.


Siena Tourism is obliged to perform assistance to the clients, on the basis of a professional diligence principle, solely with reference to its obligations, or by contract or law regulation. The organizer and the seller are exempted from their responsibilities (art. 13 and 14), when the unsuccessful or wrong execution of the contract depends on the customer or depends on an inevitable or unforeseeable third-party event, or on a fortuitous or act by God event.


Any failure to perform the contract must be notified by the customer at the same time as it takes place. Only in this way Siena Tourism will be able to find immediately a remedy and a fair solution in time.

In the same way, even in case of a complaint reported at the end of the service, Siena Tourism must provide and guarantee a prompt response to the customer’s request.


Keeping you safe is our priority. All of our tours comply with the Italian Government’s directives for the containment regarding the spread of Covid-19.

The main measures adopted are the following:

  • the use of masks is mandatory for the entire duration of the tour, outside and inside churches and museums,  
  • clients must bring their own masks, 
  • a safe distance between clients will be maintained for the entire duration of the tour,
  • on request and/or if necessary, disinfected radio units will be provided, and headphones will be single-use, in order to guarantee the best quality service, 
  • a disinfectant gel will be provided by the guide if necessary, 
  • showing the voucher on mobile phones will be enough; it is not necessary to print them out.
Giulia Vannini

My name is Giulia. I am a hiking and diving guide. My passion for nature and animals has accompanied me since I was a child in all my studies. I graduated in Biology and then specialized in Marine Biology, I studied around Italy in important universities and research laboratories. After the Master in Environmental Legislation I returned to my beloved Siena, where my family and my dear friends were waiting for me.
I am from the Shell neighborhood (Contrada del Nicchio), you will discover in our company that the “Contrada life” in Siena is very important since childhood, and it is one of the things that makes this city unique!
Since I was a child I had a passion for teaching, over the years I worked in schools as an educator and so I developed interesting projects in the field of environmental education. My passion for playing with children will never end and in fact I am also a swimming instructor, specialized for people with psychophysical problems.

Thanks to Siena Tourism I create tours and events combining all my studies and my passions. We thought of many walks to do, alone or with the whole family, and many beautiful activities dedicated to children! I expect you soon to discover our enchanting territory together!

Ludovica Noviello

My name is Ludovica and I was born in Rome, where I attended the German school. After the diploma I studied at the Humboldt University in Berlin at the faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature. For many years I lived around Europe, where I worked and continued to study languages. My passions are art and foreign languages, so I decided to move back to my beautiful country to combine them in my job as a tour guide. I moved to Siena, where I studied to become a licensed Tour Guide in Italian, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
Siena is an enchanting city, a treasure chest that holds many artistic and cultural beauties and my job is to transmit my love for Siena and the many villages in the Province to those who come to visit it.
As a member of Siena Tourism I am also one of the organizers of this great project.
Our aim is to make you know the best of some of the cities and villages in Tuscany, offering you many beautiful moments to remember forever.
I am sure that this part of Italy will find a special place in your heart!